Broxel Announces Plan to Become Carbon-Neutral.


The financial technology company will implement an emissions measurement, reduction, and compensation plan to be a carbon-neutral company starting 2022.


In this regard, Broxel announces to its users and the public that it has started a process of measuring, reducing, and offsetting its emissions, allowing the company to be carbon-neutral starting in 2022. In this context, the following actions are planned:

To carry out an emissions inventory and report that include direct (scope one) and indirect (scope two and three) emissions from Broxel.

  1. To implement emissions-reduction plans in energy, logistics, and product areas.
  2. To acquire high-quality carbon credits supported by forestry-based carbon sequestration projects developed under the methodologies established by international protocols.
  3. To develop carbon-neutral financial products.

It is essential to highlight that the emissions inventory of the Broxel Carbon-Neutral 2022 Plan includes direct and indirect emissions, that is, from Broxel and its entire value chain. By doing so, Broxel undertakes measuring the climate impact of its production activity and seeks to encourage emissions reduction throughout its supply chain.

Based on this plan, Broxel becomes the first Mexican fintech company to commit to emissions neutrality within one year, including its direct and indirect emissions (scope one, two, and three) within a public report.

«Broxel is about innovation and the future, and there is no certain future if we do not take disruptive measures in environmental matters. We want to take a step forward in the industry and demonstrate that the global reduction of emissions, even if it is a collective challenge, is today an ethical imperative for each company. This plan (….) will allow us to measure, report, reduce and offset emissions in a transparent way for society,» said Gustavo Gutiérrez Galindo, CEO and Founder of Broxel.

The emissions inventory will be public as of the first quarter of 2022 and can be consulted at, where information on the progress of the emissions offsetting projects developed in southeastern Mexico will be accessible.


About Broxel
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