Broxel Presents The New Miami Dolphins Card.




Broxel, a global leader in payment methods to achieve a barrier-free economy has announced that they have joined forces with the Miami Dolphins to create a branded debit card. The card, featuring multiple functionalities, will allow users to make everyday shopping purchases, send money and coordinate payments at Hard Rock Stadium and receive VIP access and rewards related to the team.

Acceptable worldwide, the new card is fully branded with the Dolphins logo and is linked to Broxel’s cutting edge virtual wallet. Fans can enhance their experience, manage their expenses and preload their card in seconds through their smartphone to make every transaction they need. The new official card is now available at and at team stores in Hard Rock Stadium.

«We are excited about expanding our cashless experience with Broxel,» said Jeremy Walls, Senior Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer of Miami Dolphins. «This is the opportune time for Dolphins fans to connect with this innovative and exciting technology.»

«We wanted to create a bespoke experience for the Dolphins fan base. A card you can find useful, secure and easy to use every day, that brings the fans closer to the team through unique experiences. We have built the real card for true fans», said Gustavo Gutierrez, Founder and CEO of Broxel.

The new Dolphins card offers next generation functionalities through the Broxel app including the chance for every user to actively participate in the development of new capabilities. The final objective is to deliver the perfect financial product fit for the Dolphins fans.

«In a world full of noise and complexity, we decided to have a different approach: keep it simple and listen. That is why we developed a card that is safe and easy, accepted worldwide, and offers rewards that go beyond money, through experiences and emotions around the Dolphins. We want to listen to what the Dolphins fans have to say to develop new functionalities and capabilities,» said Gustavo Gutierrez, Founder and CEO of Broxel.

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