Broxel Announced An Agreement With Google Cloud To Offer Financial Technology Solutions.


Technology is the most powerful tool to democratize access to financial services.


For hundreds of thousands of global companies and businesses, especially in Latin America, the ability to join the transactional and payments revolution will define their position in the market in the next few years. Technology in financial services translates into competitiveness, transparency and traceability, therefore, as more companies will access these solutions easily, safely and efficiently, the benefits will be greater for end users.

With that goal, today, Broxel announced an agreement with Google Cloud to offer transactional technology solutions through Google Cloud’s marketplace, open to any company or business, regardless size or geographic location. This agreement will help accelerate the adoption of financial technology, and promote both the competitiveness of companies and the integration of new services and solutions to end users.

This three-year agreement includes:

1. Broxel will migrate all its platforms to Google Cloud. With this, Broxel will provide all its services with the technological foundation of Google Cloud, including infrastructure, using Apigee to manage all their APIs and Workspace as its main internal collaboration tool.

2. All of Broxel’s value offering will be available in the marketplace of Google Cloud. The goal is having Broxel solutions available in Google Cloud’s marketplace in the third quarter of 2021.

“The financial sector is undergoing a transformation, driven in part, because users seek a better omnichannel experience that facilitates all types of operations. We have seen how new companies seek to satisfy this social demand, growing the sector with new technologies that place the user at the center. At Google Cloud, we have focused on bringing this technology closer to the companies to help them innovate and bring the best financial solutions to people and companies,” said Julio Velazquez, Director of Google Cloud Mexico.