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With your Miami Dolphins Card, anything is possible.

Perfect for gameday

Access to all the benefits and unique experiences such as:

Special prices on tickets and exclusive seats.

Official merch discounts.

Promos at the concessions inside the stadium.

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For anything you need, pay in stores or online.

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Mastercard with global acceptance.

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Simple and fast

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You only need:

  • Driver’s license or passport *
  • Valid address in the US
  • Mobile number
  • Personal email

Request your card and show that you are a true Dolphins fan.

* If you are Mexican, you can also get your fan card using your IFE or INE; passport or driver’s license, consular registration card.

Reload your card.

  • By ACH transfers
  • In more than 100 thousand locations nationwide

There will always be a store near you where you can reload your card. Locate the nearest one.

Let’s build it together

The best fan experience.

Let us know what you’d like so we can create the best product for the true fan.


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To other Broxel Pay accounts or via ACH transfer.

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